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May 01, 2019




We're super excited about our new Single Origins coming in this season. We've sourced some exciting coffees coming in from Kenya, Ethiopia & Tanzania. These are limited edition one off coffees and will be available in our 'Black Label' range. 

Contact us now to get notified when they've landed to reserve your coffee.


KENYA AA - Teramuka Microlot

Look out for our Teramuka Microlot from Kenya. Grown prodominatley from all holder farmers in Nakuru County. Home to Lake Nakuru, Lake Elmenteita & Lake Naivasha.

Fun fact, Lake Nakuru is known for its millions of pink flamingoes that call the lake home. At times the when the flamingoes are en mass foraging in the lake, all you can see is pink covering the entire lake. Nakuru is also home to the worlds second largest surviving volcanic crater.

Grown at an altitude of 2100 MASL. This is a washed coffee with notes of blackcurrant, dark chocolate body & a buttery smooth finish. Roasted for filter we would recommend brewing with pourover, stovetop, plunger & Aeropress.



Known as the birthplace of Arabica coffee and the worlds 5th largest exporter of coffee. Yirgachaffe is a town in the area of Sidamo with its own classification producing washed and unwashed coffee. Flavours tend to be intensely floral, citrusy & berries. Beans from this region are often highly graded and some of the most sort after coffees in the world.

This small batch harvest was grown at an altitude of 1400-1800 MASL. This coffee has complex notes of Jasmine, black tea, citrus will be best enjoyed as your next espresso.




Welcome to the wonderful world of Tanzanian coffee. On a 2018 Origin trip to Tanzania we were lucky enough to visit Ngila farm and cup some truley amazing coffees. The farm is located at 1600m above sea level on the edge of the cloud forest of the northern highlands, next to the famous Ngorongoro Crater. With mineral rich volcanic soil coffee coffee grown here is rich in flavour and aromatics.

We've got two special micro lots available in small batches only. The first is a yellow honey processed coffee and also a barrel aged coffee unique specifically to Ngila farm.



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