May 03, 2019


QUESTION: Is specialty coffee really that special?

In short, yes.

However there are many important factors that make specialty coffee so special.

One of the big reasons is traceability. Buying specialty grade coffee means we can not only find out what origin the beans are from. We are able to find out the specific area, region and farm. Right down to each farmers single 'Microlot' harvest that season.

This ensures we are able to trace the beans through ever step of the supply chain. Meaning we can make sure the quality of the beans and the quality of the farming practices are extremely high. The knock on effect of this means that farmers are able to achieve a higher price at origin making their coffee worth well above the c-market (commodity coffee) price.

This is one of the fundamental reasons at Morgans we buy specialty grade rather than mainstream coffee. We know we are helping farmers achieve a higher price for their beans which will ensure the future development and growth of the coffee industry.

Because farmers are getting a higher price for their cherries, they are able to spend more time developing better farming practices and therefore increasing the quality of each coffee we buy. 

You will find that our range of coffees have distinct flavour profiles depending on the origin, region and farm they are from. They will have varying varietals & processing methods that may take a lot longer than traditional processing times. Such as Honey processed or Natural dried coffee.

We believe knowledge is powerful, and explaining to you why our coffee might be a little higher than other mainstream coffees is important to us. Now you have the power to make the right choice about where you buy your next cup of coffee and why sometimes cheaper is not always better.

If you would like to find out more about our business practices or learn more about the specialty coffee industry feel free to email us at info@morganscoffee.com.  If you would like to find out when we have new specialty coffees available then sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date about our latest offerings.


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