Pesado 58.5 Coffee Tamper

Are you a barista looking to add to your professional tool kit?Created to perfect the coffee tamping experience, the Pesado 58.5mm tamper is designed to maximise basket coverage with a precision machined 90 degree edge.

Unlike most tampers on the market, the Pesado range of tampers has a sharp edge, which extends the effective tamping area to get full coverage of the basket. This design reduces residue and channelling, and maximises consistency and efficiency.

All wooden handles are ergonomically shaped on a hand lathe with ethically sourced exotic woods that are of the highest durability. These are smoothly finished in natural wax.


1x Pesado 58.5 wooden handle

1x Pesado 58.5 stainless steel precision base


Be careful around water, please do not soak or leave the wooden handles wet as it can cause splitting.

Design may vary from pictured product.

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