Porlex Grinder

The Porlex Grinder is the perfect addition to your Everyday Coffee Kit. It is beautifully designed, durable, lightweight and manually powered so you don't need access to batteries or a power outlet.

The grinder has ceramic conical burrs which are designed to withstand years of coffee making and cannot rust (perfect for your next surf trip). The Porlex comes in two sizes, is easy to adjust & consistently produces uniform particle sizes. There are 12 grind size settings available giving you the opportunity to fine tune your next extraction to make the perfect brew each and every time.


  • Extra fine: 1-2 clicks
  • Fine (espresso): 3-4 clicks
  • Medium-fine: 5-6 clicks
  • Medium (filter): 7-8 clicks
  • Medium-Couarse: 9-10 clicks
  • Coarse (french Press): 11-12 clicks


  • MINI: 1x Porlex Grinder (Hopper capacity is 20g)
  • TALL: 1x Porlex Grinder (Hopper capacity is 40g)


  • MINI: 45mm Diameter x 130mm Tall (fits perfectly into the Aeropress chamber)
  • TALL: 50mm Diameter x 185mm Tall

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