With a streamline finish and small footprint, the Domobar Junior appeals to home barista environments. A clever use of internal space allows for the inclusion of commercial grade components providing a comprehensive performance. The insulated copper heat exchange boiler
paired with the superior weight of an E61 style brass group head allows for consistent thermal conduction and retention which gives the home barista an opportunity to texture milk with a powerful dry steam and polish espresso making skills by searching for the flavour nuances from the coffee roaster’s tasting notes. A strong performer within the home espresso range, the Junior is a modest yet refined model with the versatility of a larger espresso machine.


  • A heat exchange model with a small footprint.
  • Commercial quality components in a compact machine.
  • E61 style brass group head and thermosyphon system which helps develop espresso flavours.
  • Boiler wrapped for increased temperature stability and high steam quality for milk texturing.
  • Pump and boiler system pressure gauges.
 Boiler 1.45L Heat exchange
Hydraulic Pump System 
Boiler Pressure Control   Sirai Pressure Stat
Reservoir  2.5 L
Steam Assembly   360 degree ball joint movement
Power / Wattage   10 amp / 1600 watts
Dimensions (WxDxH) mm   225 x 400 x 400
Weight (kg)   18 kg

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